Jonathan Orenstein | Photographer

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Event & Lifestyle Photography
The strongest communication tool we have is our eyes. Even with the most brief glance, a recipient receives a great deal of information from a person - confidence, leadership, emotion, and desire. As social animals, we connect through one of our senses: "I see you." My photos help promote your image and brand with up-to-date headshots and lifestyle images. Contact me at (512) 565-9012, Instagram @jonathanophoto, or by email at
Music Photography
My goal photographing musicians is to highlight their essence, the message they convey to the audience, and their raw talent on display. While the song plays for a short moment, the memories music creates lasts forever. Working with harsh lights and deep shadows convey emotion while bright colors and classic black and white photography create classic images. I continuously work with the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians (HAAM) and my photos are part of their marketing campaigns. I photograph in venues throughout Austin, and work with musicians of all levels in their careers. Some of the artists pictured used my photos for their marketing materials including Nakia, Wes Gear and Rock to Recovery, Sydney Wright, and Deer Fellow. Contact me at (512) 565-9012, Instagram @jonathanophoto, or by email at
Sports photography
Athletes focus on their craft, looking for opportunities to improve themselves and their team. Whether high school level, amateur, or semi-professional, the intensity of the focused athlete finds its way into my photographs. I work with high school soccer clubs, freelanced rugby tournaments, and work with individual athletes to build professional portfolios to promote their brand and abilities. Contact me at (512) 565-9012, Instagram @jonathanophoto, or by email at